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Forum Guidelines

Post by ForumAdmin » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:29 pm

Thanks for visiting the official Feelustration discussion forum.

Feelustration is new, and so is this forum, so your participation is wanted.

This is the place to talk about theory and practice, and show off your clever feelustrations. Use the Insert Image button above for web links, or use the Attachment tab below to upload your files (up to 500 KB.) Please respect copyright.

You can recommend commercial products if they are useful for feelustration. But don't keep repeating.

You are encouraged to criticize, but try to keep it constructive. Generalized attacks ("This sucks.") don't help.

Feelustration is a great way to express a controversial idea without saying it out loud. In this forum we discuss the technique, not the message.

We love politics and porn. But not here.